Awakening to your 10 BodiesDisease resistanceBasic Spinal Energy SeriesMagnetic Field and Heart CenterNabhi KriyaPituitary Gland SeriesStrengthening the Aura – Sat Kriya – Prana Apana Balance

The literal meaning of Kriya is a “whole action” or a “complete action,” and it represents a series of postures or exercises that combine breathing patterns, locks, and points of concentration with or without the accompaniment of mantra.

Each Kriya has is a specific purpose and with its continuous practice comes accurate results, which are effective on all three levels of body, mind, and soul.
In Kundalini yoga there are hundreds of thousands of different Kriyas.
The Kriyas are aimed at specific results, such as strengthening the immune system, opening the heart center, regulating bowel movements, opening the third eye and intuition, improving liver function, balancing the endocrine system, increasing the flexibility of the spine, and many more.  Each set produces extensive changes for the purpose for which it is practiced, but beyond that purpose the practice will influence all aspects of your existence.

Practicing a Kriya prepares the inner space for the experience of meditation. On a physical level, the practice will allow the opening of joints and will increase flexibility to be stable and more comfortable while sitting and will work on various glands to change the blood components. While on a mental level, it will work on concentration and focus that will lead us to create a meditative and conscious space.

Since each Kriya is a complete action in and of itself, we must practice it just as it is presented in the writings. Like a phone number, if we omit even a single digit or change it minutely, we do not arrive to the desired destination.
According to Kundalini Yoga tradition, continuous practice of a Kriya for 40 days will result in a change of habit, continuous practice for 90 days will create a new habit, continuous practice for 120 days will confirm the new habit. And if you want to control and master the habit, you will need to practice the Kriya each day for 1000 days. By the way, if you miss one day, you will have to start counting all over again!

Some Favorites Kriyas
Awakening to your 10 Bodies 
A Basic dynamic set that awakens us to all our different bodies, not only the physical but also the mental, the spiritual and the subtle energy bodies.
Practicing the Kriya allows us create balance in all our different layers.
Kriya for disease Resistance
In order to  prevent sickness and disease that comes and goes we have to develop a good digestive system, elimination system and strong metabolism.
This Kriya helps to enhance all those factors, gives us physical strength and helps prevents diseases.
Basic spinal energy series 
Youth is determined by the flexibility of the spine, the physical and spiritual energy flow is dependent on the spine flexibility.
This Kriya systematically stimulates all the vertebrae and strengthening our energy, the Kriya activates the spinal cord liquids and by that contributes to concentration and memory
Magnetic Field and Heart center
A series that work on repairing the nervous system by the stimulation of the Heart Center.
Feelings like happiness, connection and well being are dependent in the balance of our mental electromagnetic field.
The practice can be built up slowly, you may start with shorter times (proportionally) until you reach the full time Kriya.
Nabi Kriya
The Nabhi (Navel Point) is a highly important energy center, this set of exercise focuses on strengthening the Nabhi. The practice will strengthen the abdominal muscles, the core and the Third Chakra that is connected with our will power and fire element.
Start with 3-5 minutes for the long exercises and shorten the rest proportionally.
Pituitary Gland Series
This series develop the Third Eye Chakra, the intuition and the ability to see beyond.

Strengthening the Aura
A Great Kriya to assist in preventing diseases and strengthening the Aura, this short yet powerful set will eliminate problems connected with digestive system, strengthen the arms and enhances the power of projection and protection of the personality.

Sat Kriya
Sat Kriya is one of the most fundamental Kriya in Kundalini Yoga. they say that if you have to practice only one Kriya this is the right one to take. Sat Kriya contains in it all the benefits of the Kundalini Yoga practice. It’s essence is the awakening of the Kundalini Energy.

Prana Apana Balance
This Kriya balances the polarities that are represented by the inhale and the exhale of Breath. through a lot of breath work this set enhances the respiratory system and creates a feeling pf balance and calmness.