Guided Yoga Practice – Video

On this page you will find an opportunity to have a guided practice with me, almost like a private class (Well, not really:)) but in your own space and time.
As the work is in progress more videos will be published soon.
It is good to prepare a quiet and pleasant space before you sit to practice your Yoga session, take care that your phone is in silent mode and make this 30 minutes of practice a form of dedication to you. a time to reconnect with your inner self.

Enjoy ! Sat Nam !


Kriya – Basic Spinal Energy Series

This Kundalini Yoga Kriya (Practiced according to Yogi Bhajan) is an excellent set of breath and movement that will flex your spine and your mind as well.
In this series of exercises we stimulates all the spine’s vertebrae from bottom to top activating the central nervous system and the glands.
In the east it said that the age of a person in determined by the flexibility of the his spine rather than the number of years he spent on earth, a flexible spine means a free flow of life energy in the body – also known as Youth. this Kriya gives rejuvenation, it leads to a tranquil and meditative state of mind and helps with concentration and memory.
The session itself is enjoyable and quite meditative, it fits beginners as well as advanced students.

Nabi Kriya

This Kundalini Yoga Kriya (Practiced according to Yogi Bhajan) is a powerful set that works directly on our core and abdomen muscles.
The Navel point (Nabhi) refers to an energetic center, a meeting point for 72,000 energy channels, it’s a center of strength and stability. This Kriya directly stimulates the Nabhi, strengthen the whole body and the abdomen core muscles effecting our will power and our sense of being able to act, stimulates the 3rd chakra and balances the fire element in our body.

Kriya for Prana Apana Balance

This Kundalini Yoga Kriya (Practiced according to Yogi Bhajan) is using pranayam – Breath work to create a blance between two life energies, Prana and Apana, those energies represents the polarities in many aspects of our life, this practice creates a general sensation of balance both in body and in mind and contribute to a larger capacity to be aware of the breath process.