The 4th Chakra – Anahata

The 4th Chakra also known as The Heart Center represents the space of Unconditional Love, the transition from “I” to “We,” the Compassion, neutrality, understanding and acceptance. located at the chest center on the central energy channel that is parallel to the spine. it’s form is represented by a 12 petals lotus flower

This is the Chakra that determines how well accepted we feel in the world and in our inner life. Do we feel home? are we always an outsider? Can we give love? Can we feel it? how much do we allow ourselves to be loved? do we reject life or do we have love for it?
our measure of openness and trust in the life is coming from this center of energy.

The meaning of the word Anahata in Sanskrit is the endless flow of sound, this is a symbol to the prospective one has when connected to the heart and start acting upon it, the perception of the life will become expanded, acceptance trust and realization are at hand and neutral space of mind is being enhanced.

Try to feel it for a moment, place your left palm at the center of the chest, Palm facing your body, and place the right palm on top of the left, close your eyes for a moment and breath into your chest, feel your palms moving up and down as you inhale and exhale. This little exercise is good to start a connection with  your Heart.

Location: Center of the chest
Organs: Heart, lungs, thymus
Color: Green
Element: Air
Sense: Touch, Palms, Skin

When in balance: We experience Compassion, kindness, forgiveness, service, love, empathy, identification of positive qualities in another, awakening to spiritual awareness
Shadow: Grief, clinging, easily hurt, dependent on the love and affection of others, fear of rejection, callous, heart problems, health problems, high blood pressure


Yoga exercises to strengthen the chakra:
All breathing exercises
Ego Eradicator
Bear Grip